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​Purchase Procedure Faulty: Report

Newslaya January 3, 2018

ItahariThe committee to investigate the purchase of bulbs in Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City has submitted its report. The report, which the coordinator Dipak Gautam, also the Chairman of Ward no.....

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A lady lecturer who spends all her earning to tour nation

Newslaya January 3, 2018

 ''Heaven is myth but Nepal is real''''I am in love....

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Rani Pokhari reconstruction halted

Newslaya December 29, 2017

KathmanduThe Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has decided to stop the reconstruction work at Rani Pokhari after a series of controversies over the restoration of the Malla-era monument by using....

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​Myanmar-Bangladesh signed an agreement on return of Rohingya refugees

Newslaya November 24, 2017

Bangkok : Myanmar and Bangladesh signed an agreement covering the return of Rohingya Muslim on Thursday.Myanmar announced the agreement....

Australia’s visa process to be stricter, Penalty for fake documents presentation

Newslaya November 22, 2017

Australia's Department of Immigration has made some changes in the visa process for the people who are applying for Australia.....

North Korean Women in Violence And Malnutrition

Newslaya November 21, 2017

GENEVA (Reuters) - North Korean women are deprived of education and job opportunities and are often subjected to violence at....

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29th International Maithili Conference started in Janakpurdham

Newslaya November 26, 2017

Janakpurdham : The 29th International Maithili Conference has started in Janakpurdham from Saturday. The conference is organized by International Maithili....

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Governor warns banks

Newslaya December 29, 2017

KathmanduNepal Rastra Bank governor Dr. Chiranjibi Nepal has warned the commercial banks not to invest rampantly.Governor Nepal said on....

​Jewellery factory burnt

Newslaya December 29, 2017

Indians taking all money

Newslaya December 29, 2017
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Travelling in Nepal alone: 8 tips for solo adventure-seekers

Newslaya November 22, 2017

Traveling alone in Nepal is not much of a difficult thing to do.  However, if you are traveling solo, you....

How to make Choila ?

Newslaya November 22, 2017
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​Here Are The 10 Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water

Newslaya November 26, 2017

 Weight LossHot water is great for maintaining a healthy metabolism, which helps for a weight gain. The best way to do this is start your early morning with....

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How To Do A Natural Make-up Look

Newslaya November 20, 2017

If you want to have Natural Make-up Look, Apply the following tips:Start by Perfecting Your SkinSo that makeup....

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​A Short Glimpse About Music of Nepal

Newslaya November 27, 2017

Itahari : Nepalese music has diverse musical genres. We can find Nepalese music consisting more than fifty ethnic groups. Some....

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