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Here Are the Interesting Features Of Thakali Food

November 20, 2017

Itahari: Neplease food comprises a variety based upon ethnicity, soil and climate relating to Nepal's cultural diversity and geography. Among the different category of food in Nepal, One of the popular Food is Thakali among the tourists.
Thakali Food is renowned for its delicious flavors, and we Nepali can't get enough of it. The secret of the flavors lies on the way Thakali cuisines are cooked, and use of different spices and local fresh ingredients. The three distinct features of Thakali related to food culture are their hospitality, neat kitchens, and flavors of their cuisines.
In Thakali Khana set, rice or dhido is served with daal which made from either black lentils, vegetable curry, stir-fried spinach, meat curry, fermented pickle, and fresh chutney usually made from Timur and tomato.
Thakali food uses locally grown buckwheat, barley, millet and dal, as well as rice, maize and dal imported from lower regions to the south. Grain may be ground and boiled into a thick porridge that is eaten in place of rice with dal. A kind of dal is even made from dried, ground buckwheat leaves.
Grain can be roasted or popped in hot sand which is then sieved off as a snack food. Thakalis also follow the Tibetan customs of preparing tsampa and tea with butter and salt. Ghee is used in this tea preparation and as a cooking oil otherwise. Thakali food is less vegetarian