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How To Do A Natural Make-up Look

November 20, 2017

If you want to have Natural Make-up Look, Apply the following tips:
Start by Perfecting Your Skin
So that makeup blends in easily‚ first wash with cleanser and a cloth to gently exfoliate your face.
Creating a the perfect base for your makeup is very important. Moisturizer benefits your skin by hydrating, and promotes anti-aging benefits. It will even out your skin texture creating a perfect palette to begin your makeup routine.
Hide away any dark circles, fine lines or blemishes with a concealer. This will get rid of any imperfections and leave your skin looking flawless.
Powder or light foundation
We recommend to use a powder or an airy liquid foundation. Be sure to apply evenly with a brush or sponge for an even, non-streaky, look and your face will appear naturally perfect.
Pick a Warm Cheek Color
Cream blushes in warm peaches or pinks give skin a natural, subtle flush. Depending on your skin color, blush colors will vary but peaches tend to look great on everyone.
Choose lip color
When choosing a lip color, go for the light pinks, peaches and sand colors. You could also apply a little gloss for an even simpler lip.
Little mascara
A thin layer of mascara is all you need for a natural look. You still want your eyes to stand out, so if you have light lashes, adding a layer of mascara may be a good idea.
No liner
While eyeliner is great for a dramatic eye, it doesn't fit with the natural makeup look. Don't apply any eyeliner on the top or bottom.