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Travelling in Nepal alone: 8 tips for solo adventure-seekers

November 22, 2017

Traveling alone in Nepal is not much of a difficult thing to do.  However, if you are traveling solo, you need to be prepared beforehand for whatever might occur in the way or in the process of traveling and they include a wide range of things. Following are some of the most important tips, that can ease your solo trip and make it more fun. Even in case of any problems in-between, these will help you in overcoming them with a lesser hassle.
1.Don’t always trust the short-cuts

According to a traveler, he had to spend a night shuddering in the cold in the Godavari forest because he along with other travelers decided to take a shortcut. So, it is a better idea to just take the easier and known way so that you don’t have to spend a night on a rock in the jungle or anywhere unknown.
2. Grill passers-by
You can ask about the ways or directions, weather, accommodation or anything you are confused about people around or passer-by. By doing so in Nepal, there are usually the chances of getting wonderful information, making good friends or strike up memorable conversations which travelers usually do here.
3. Ask the lodge owners if they have a rule of eating at the lodge
In few lodges of Nepal, there are certain rules regarding the system of meals. Although it might not turn out as a serious issue, it’s always better to avoid unpleasant circumstances and situation with the owners.
4. Carry your own food
It is not that there won’t be the provision of food at the places and in-between places that you are traveling. If you are traveling by a local transportation, the drivers usually stop at certain places to eat. However, those places may not always offer good food. So it’s  Assuming you are traveling by bus or microbus, your meals will be in eateries where the driver decides to stop. These places seldom offer good food. It’s best to carry your own food. There will be amazing food sometimes in places you never imagined could serve a proper meal, but there are a dozen of bowel-shattering meals on Nepal’s highway for every such golden meal.
5. Be prepared for the unreasonable prices

In Nepal, there will be times and situations that will shock you. You might also be robbed and have to settle for extremely unreasonable prices, mainly in the highways if you don’t ask for the price before digging into anything.  The rates of such places that are chosen by the bus for the travelers are very high in comparison to the quality of service they offer.  As people will not have much of options in such places, they are usually forced to pay such improper and unreasonable prices.
6. Be careful about your seats

According to one of the travelers who was traveling a night bus from Pokhara to Bardiya, it was the time of winter and he took the seat next to the door.  The door’s hinges of that bus had gotten loose, and so he had to spend the night shuddering in the cold. However, in summer, such kind of seat is preferred by people. You should also avoid the back seats of the buses if you are traveling a long-distance. In the back seats, Not only will you be bouncing up and down every time the bus hits a pothole, those seats also tend to be a favorite of drunks. They tend to invite themselves onto the shoulders of fellow-passengers. So avoid it unless you want to babysit a boozed adult.
7. Wear more clothes

In the ordinary buses of Nepal, there are usually ticket collectors swinging out in the doors leaving the doors open to let all the chill of the winter pass inside the bus. Therefore, it is better to be prepared by wearing more clothes. 
8. Be Prepared for some shocks
If you know about traveling in Nepal, you might have realized that you will spend your time on the road more than you expected. At times, you might get stuck near a settlement, fortunately. But other times, you might be in the middle of somewhere strange. Due to these uncertainties, it is better to be prepared for such delays and carry all the required materials that you might need.