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​Dengue targeted three District of Terai at high risk

April 11, 2018

​Kathmandu: Three major districts of Terai have seen at the high risk of dengue infections. 

Statistics of Health Department Department of Epidemiology and Diseases Control Division show that infection rate is high in Jhapa, Rupandehi and Mahhotari. Last year, dengue infection was found in 677 people in Rupandehi. Jhapa is seen in second place in high risk.

According to the District Public Health Office, 535 people were found infected by dengue in Jhapa last year. Department said that the third risk of the district is Mahhotari. In the last year, dengue was found in 438 numbers.

According to Superintendent Dr. Vivek Kumar Lal, three people were killed in three districts due to dengue. He said that three dengue infected people died in Chitwan, Rupandehi and Jhapa due to lack of treatment. Due to Dengue, 32-year-old Sunita Baral of Arjun Dhara-7 of Jhapa had lost the life.

Dr. Lal said that dengue infection was initiated with awareness programs starting in the high-tech district.When dengue infections occur, symptoms such as fever coming, headache, headache, headache of the eye, muscles, muscles, muscles, body nose, blood nose and blood are visible. 

In Nepal, in the year 2061, dengue infection was seen in foreign tourists for the first time in Chitwan. Then after,  infections of dengue have been increasing in the district Terai and in the inner Madhes district. Madhusudan Koirala, head of the Health Bureau said that most of Infected person in last area found in Jhapa were from Birtamod area, last year.

Each year, about 3.3 million people have been reported to have dengue infections. Each year 20,000 people are missing the life due to dengue.