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Pashmina products exported to 47 countries from Nepal

June 24, 2018

Kathmandu. Nepal has exported pashmina products to 47 countries of the world, the Pashmina Industry Association has stated.
The Association stated that Nepal could get economic benefits from the pashmina industry if the government gave high priority to the development of this industry.
The pashmina manufacturers have been importing the pashmina yarn, chemicals and other raw materials from China, India and Europe. Nepali pashmina is famous in countries like America, Japan and European nations.
Nepal manufactures pashmina shawls, sweaters for men and women, blankets, T-shirt, scarf and gloves etc. Association’s Chief Executive Officer Harichandra Aryal opined the trade of pashmina was satisfactory in Nepal.
The Association said pashmina products worth Rs 2.50 billion is sold in the domestic market. Similarly, the export of pashmina products to foreign countries is equivalent to two billion rupees. Most of the pashmina industries are situated  in Kathmandu.