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  • ​International Yoga Day observed in Nepal(with photos)

    Newslaya June 21, 2018

    Kathmandu. Nepal on Thursday observed the 4th International Yoga Day. The 4th International Yoga Day was marked by various organisations organising yoga sessions on Thursday morning. 

    The Daya Foundation in collaboration with The Art of Living Nepal had organised a....

  • ​Karnali Academy of Health Sciences to launch academic course of Bachelor's in Midwifery

    Newslaya June 20, 2018

    Jumla. The Karnali Academy of Health Sciences, Jumla has announced to begin Bachelor's in Midwifery from the beginning of the academic year 2075/076 BS. 

    Nepal Nursing Council has sent a consent note to the Academy on Monday by allowing to commence the....

  • ​9 Important Tips for a Healthier Life

    Newslaya June 14, 2018

    Everyone wants to be physically fit, healthy, robust and live a long active life. Absolutely everybody willing for an active life. But what do you do for it?
    Well, we all know that a healthy person doesn’t smoke, maintains a healthy weight, exercises and....

  • ​Dengue targeted three District of Terai at high risk

    Newslaya April 11, 2018

    ​Kathmandu: Three major districts of Terai have seen at the high risk of dengue infections. 

    Statistics of Health Department Department of Epidemiology and Diseases Control Division show that infection rate is high in Jhapa, Rupandehi and Mahhotari. Last year, dengue infection was....

  • Mushroom, a treatment of Depression

    Newslaya April 10, 2018

    Kathmandu: according to an investigation conducted by the researcher of the Imperial College of London in Britain, Psilocybin mushroom can use as a treatment of Depression.

    In the scientific report published by the researcher, it is mentioned that Psilocybin mushroom makes the person be capable....

  • ​Here Are The 10 Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water

    Newslaya November 26, 2017


    1. Weight Loss
    Hot water is great for maintaining a healthy metabolism, which helps for a weight gain. The best way to do this is start your early morning with a glass of hot water and lemon. Hot water will help to break....

  • A regular drink of coffee reduces risk of liver diseases

    Newslaya November 24, 2017

    Itahari : Coffee plays significant role to reduce the risk of liver diseases. According to the report, drinking three to five cups of coffee regularly may reduce the risk of liver cancer and cirrhosis.
    The report presented at the Royal Society of Medicine in....

  • Can #MeToo move from social campaign to social change?

    Newslaya November 22, 2017

    Two weeks ago, #MeToo went viral in regarding the sexual harassment allegation against producer Harvey Weinstein. According to twitter, more than 1.7 million women and men have used hashtag in 85 countries.

    Women used different versions of hashtags in different countries. Women....

  • 8 Ways You can Live longer

    Newslaya November 22, 2017

    Even though we cannot decide on our lifespan, we need to maintain some healthy lifestyle ways that can help us live a longer and healthier life. By making only a few changes in your lifestyle you can live a longer and healthier life. According to....

  • How healthy is coffee?

    Newslaya November 22, 2017

    A new research reveals that coffee improves health and helps you live longer. The research was an observational study that included around 20,000 individuals. The findings showed that individuals who drank at least 4 cups of coffee had 64% lower risk of early death in....